All the Different Moons in All the Different Places Throughout the Year - Kellach Waddle

Commissioned by, and written for, the Chicago Bassoon Quartet
Kellach Waddle
Performance Date: 9/13/2016
Kellach Waddle, born in 1967, is a prolific composer of over 300 pieces.  He is also a bassist, conductor and journalist. He has had over 600 performances of his works on four continents and is director of PKW Productions.

He can be found on Facebook.

Clowning Around - Mark J. Saliba Mark J Saliba
Performance Date: 4/10/2015
Mark J. Saliba was born in 1968 in Sydney, Australia.  At the age of twenty-one, he left for California to further his studies, focusing on jazz piano and composition.  While in the United States, he studied composition at Long Beach State University in California.  He also studied jazz piano with Mark Levine in San Francisco and Terry Trotter in Los Angeles, while playing professionally as a solo pianist and with his quartet.  In May, 2007, Mark finished composing a symphonic suite called The Continents.  It was recorded with the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra in March, 2008.  Since 2009, Mark has lived in Croatia where he continues to work as a freelance composer, orchestrator, and arranger.